I’m so sorry everyone

My computer crashed and long story short…my parents think that I need to not be on the PC at all and that I’m up to. I’m at camp July 2-16 anyways but I’ll get on as often as I actually can. Goodbye everyone and I’ll miss you!


Again? Really? -.-

Why are my hits going to 3-8 a day again now? I post every freaking day I have internet… *cries*

Ah well… I’ll just have to post something worth while later.

I did get a post card from M. Dun dun duuun.

The front was “the top 10 reasons I didn’t make it in the C.I.A”

10.  I talk in my sleep.

9.  I’m open to bribes.

8.  I thought Cloak and Dagger was a rock group.

7. License to kill was suspended.

6. When I heard there was a leak, I called a plumber.

5. My favorite dead drop site was a trash can.

4. My letter of recommendation was from Bin Laden.

3. I asked which office Jack Bauer works in.

2. I filled out my application i invisible ink.

1. I though I was applying to the Culinary Institute of America.

There you all have it!



So I get back from camp and I now have strep throat… wonderful. I haven’t been able to talk all day and now mum says: “Oh yeah and by the way! Tomorrow at 8:30am people are coming over to paint the closet in your room and move the book shelves out!”

My room = trashed.

I dumped out all my camping stuff on the floor and bed and desk… not being able to walk through it is an understatement. I have to like get up at 7am and CLEAN it O.o I don’t even want to get out of bed before 8am let alone 9am when I’m sick! Gack this won’t end well…

Camp Luther starts in 7 days O.o heeeelllpppp! I don’t want to go to 14 days worth of camp anymore DX I really don’t. I’d rather work off a $5o cancellation fee then have to go now. I’ve decided after this summer… no more camps for me. I’m through with volunteer summer jobs.  Next summer I’m getting a PAYING job for sure.

Anywhoo… I’d better go to bed. Night all!


So about camp now…

Ok so… camp is summed up in 1 word= HECK, cause I don’t swear lol.

Ima write about each day…

Day 1:

I got up at 6am just because I couldn’t sleep and stuff. I got to the camp at 9am and was immediately thrown into the work of watching my campers. They were all freinds so I didn’t have many problems with fights etc. My problems was… I was only about 3 inches taller than all of them even though they were 11-12 and I am nearly 16.  So eh. Then I some how pulled something out in the side of my foot and couldn’t walk. At art they only had enough for the campers so I painted my shoes because they were dirty old canvas shoes… picture later.They day went smoothly until counselor hunt. Counselor hunt is where the counselors make up a clue about themselves and the kids try to guess it. Mine was about some records I have in lifting weights.  Every group asked me if my clue was that “You had ear surgery 3 times.” I was finally sick of this guess after about 7 groups or so so I asked why they asked me. “You have funny shaped ears! 8D” Me = -.- Then it rained… like down pour. I had to go out to get ice for my foot and by the time I got back to my cabin I was soaked through and my hair was dripping wet. Then I found out I had no sleeping pants… -.- ergad. Then bed time (my fave time at camp because the campers are sleeping lol). So like… the dear little campers wouldn’t be quiet and go to bed at 10 when they were supposed to and finally around 11 I managed to get them to be quiet. At 12am… the smoke alarm broke from humidity and went off for 15 mins strait. Some one came to pull the battery and then it was all good and I had to get the girls to go to sleep again.

Next morning/later that morning/Day 2:

It all went well but the campers were tired. I had said I’d do astronomy that evening so I left my cabin in the charge of an adult as is required. I got back with two of my eight campers that went on this outing as well and so I burst into the cabin and go: “I GOTTA USE THE BAATHRROOOM!” And then I looked over and the adult volunteer was sitting there and she looked up at me. I blushed, used the bathroom and got the campers to bed. I told them if they didn’t sleep… no ninja day.

Day 3:

At 5:30am there was another storm and there was this crack of thunder so loud that the whole cabin shook and the whole camp was woken up. My girls all woke up and started trying to tell stories about shootings and I’m like O.O “BED NOW!” ’cause I knew after that they wouldn’t sleep. Then Ninja day started! All 9 of us dress up in black and made masks out of shirts. Then the fun began. We woke up 3 cabins in our area (counselors knew about it.) by surrounding the cabins, yelling “NINJA ATTACK” and then running away. All in the rain to. It worked wonderfully… those other girls jumped a mile. He he. We watched the Princess Bride (best movie EVER) since it had been raining. Then we were going to go do water front and swim and then it went from lovely hot/sunny day to downpour so thick and hard that you couldn’t see 3 feet in front of you. Everyone got to the dining hall and then… the power went out. This was the edge of a tornado at the camp so trees were up rooted. As you can guess it was heck. The campers were screaming/crying and totally panicked. The counselors sang to try to keep everyone’s minds off things. I nearly passed out from lack of breath from singing, humidity and dehydration. It wasn’t pretty. After getting the campers calm we managed to go down and do campfire. After that there was no electricity. I was heck… there was no water, no showers and only 3 porta-potty stalls available or 100+ people. We had to go to the bed in the dark and use the woods as a bathroom… and ick. There was no electricity as of when we left the next day… speaking of that:


Ok so like I said… no electricity, crabby, full bladdered and stinky from sweat/no shower campers… eh… it was horrid. The camp looked worse in the day with the trees and there was no power so the clocks didn’t work. I was late 2 times -.- I got yelled at by superiors and eh… badness. I got hugged and clinged on by campers that weren’t my own and everyone wanted me to sign their shirts and like a whole lotta campers knew who I was and stuff but I didn’t know them or where I’d met them or anything O.o they kept coming up with hugs or to tell me about stuff and I was like O.O??? When did I become famous?!? It was weirdness… and then there was campers that clapped for me and high-fived me on the way into breakfast and O.o randomness. I am not a people person. Ask anyone I know real people make me claustrophobic, irritated and I DO NOT like hugs. I can like them or tolerate them (people and hugs) for a few hours and enjoy myself but 4 days?!? No way… I was ready to blow up and I was very angry at the girls that kept hugging me especially after a meal. I got a cold to from all the rain. Not to mention my cabin flooded so there was wet luggage and stuff… and atmos what a nightmare.

Worst part? I didn’t get paid for it. This was a volunteer job. I am done with camps forever. I’m not dealing with anymore people and next summer there is no way in the world I’m doing 3 weeks of volunteer work when I could be getting a decent job. It was miserable, I’m overly stressed from all that heckticness and there’s no way ima do anymore people. I’m not leaving my room lol.

Well… its 11pm and I’ve had little to no sleep for the past 3 nights… byyee!


p.s. that’s just a sum up… I left out the jungle adventure hecktickness, the ‘frekle monster’ bit and a whole host of other nightmarish things O.o

So Long Farewell.. I Hate To Say Goodbye~

Yep it’s sad. From tomorrow morning till Thursday afternoon… I will be at camp. =( Sad  I know. No RPs, no blog… no writing… I’ll do a little something special when I get back maybe… MAYBE.


XD lol.

Ok well… it’s late and I’m up early. Have a nice week everyone!


P.S. YES I love the sound of music XD

Amazingly Epic Video!

Watch it all and Enjoy =D

Its 200+ dancers and only in 2 random pracitces! Tis AMAZING and the Pop helps XD.


Rawr <3

Apparently rawr means  ‘I love you ‘ in dinosaur…

I usually just say it when I’m angry.

Annnd I have yet another plea from a freind I don’t see often to get a face book… I unno if I can but… eh. I don’t see the point lol. I doubt anyone on NaNo would let me freind them since ima total stranger XD. But then… I bet all you people with face book… some of your ‘freinds’ ARE total strangers XD.

Ok… I’m melting as the heat is rising again. Bye!


Story bit!

Ok so this is chapter 1 of my newest novel… it’s based of the lovely InkHeart RP on NaNoWriMo wich is now at… I want to say # 8. He he. It’s been kept alive by Miki and I since around… #3. I asked to turn it into a novel a viola! I tweaked it so it won’t be InkHeart fanfic but… here you all go!

Chapter 1

Twang! Char’s bow rang through the air as she released her arrow. She started jogging in the direction that she had shot and looked around for the small deer she had been aiming at. She came over and found her arrow in the tree and no dear in sight. She sighed, carefully pulling the arrow out of the tree and examining it to see if she could re-use it. It was hard to make arrows in her situation so she re-used as often as possible. She sighed when she saw that the top was bent beyond repair. She needed to aim more carefully.

Charylwyn Anne Slivway, Char to most, was 16 and braving it out in the woods by herself. She had been for the last 3 years. After her family had died she had been framed for a crime she didn’t commit. After she escaped prison she did something that drover her to hide in the woods and stay in the woods. She hid from people, knew the ways of the food giving plants and was taught the secrets of the forest by the fairies. She planned to never go back to the city of Corbank. That city had guards looking for her, wanted posters, people and what was left of her old home. She never wanted to be reminded of what had happened and she stayed out of the city as much as she could.

“Blast it.” She took the tip off the arrow and put it in her bag. She’d have to mend it later with a fire. She didn’t like doing light something work and it never worked as well as all she could manage was a camp fire. She sighed and headed back towards her current main camp. She started up a fire and heated up some of the soup she’d made the night before. When it was warm she ate it slowly, listening to the sounds of the woods around her. She liked being alone for the most part but now that she was 16 she yearned for something more then solitude. The forest fairies weren’t much company as it was hard to understand half of what they said anyways. She set her soup aside and laid down on her back, listening, waiting, watching. She had no idea what was coming for her soon.


Elias Montre walked through the back streets of Corbank. He looked over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t being followed and then slipped into the back of a shop. He opened a secret door and headed down the steps and into a secret room. He sat down in the chair, which was in the middle of the room, to think. He had a new target but he didn’t know how to find her. He pulled a slip of paper out of his pocket and re-read the message again to make sure he had this right.

She’s still alive and in the woods. Find her, bring her in and find out what she knows. Do what’s necessary but don’t let her die until L can get back.

Elias put the note away and sighed. He got up, walked outside again and headed for his house in the woods.


Char was inside her make shift home looking through her supplies. She found that she was out of string again so she’d need to go into town. She found her small money stash that she’d gathered up from selling things occasionally. She put a few coins into her pocket and then went outside to put out her fire.

It was a good 2 miles into the city from where she was so she sang as she went. A few fairies fluttered by and joined in with her. She smiled as the delicate little creatures landed on her shoulders and head, singing in a high pitch range. She stroked a few of them gently with her finger and then they all flew off as she reached the city gates. She found a small hole in the wall and she slipped through it and went into the city street. She made her way to the little shop she usually bought from.

“Ello Char.” The black slave girl, Tia, greeted her.

“Hey Tia.  I need some string really fast is all.” Char said, walking up to the counter.

“Ah I’ll be a getten that for you. Go ahead and browse through the new books we just gotted in while you wait.” Tia said, disappearing into the back room.

Char nodded and headed over to the book display. She’d never touched a book since before she ran away to the woods.  She started to read the titles when a dark green book caught her eye. It was a book about Robin Hood. She remembered that story from when she was a girl. She placed her hand on the spine and then jumped back like she’d been shocked.

“Ow!” She mumbled, shaking out her hand. She slowly went and touched it again and that time nothing happened. She picked up the book and started to read the pages. She closed it after a moment and went back to looking. She touched another book.

“OW! What is this… shock Char day?” She asked sarcastically and then picked it up as well. It was a book of old fairy tales. She looked at the coins in her pouch and sighed.  She’d never gotten anything for herself before but she felt like she needed to get these two books. It was as if… She closed her eyes and it sounded like they were whispering to her almost, inside her mind. She opened her eyes and looked at the books skeptically and then took them to the counter.

“Ah I thought you might be a liken some of them there books.” Tia smiled.

“Yeah… they reminded me of something and I haven’t owned a book in ages.” Char shrugged. She paid for her string and the two books. “Thanks Tia. Have a nice day.” She smiled and then headed out into the street again. She held the books close to herself as she headed out into the woods again.

Char stepped silently through the woods in her deer skin boots. She’d made all her clothes herself weather out of animal skin, twisted and then simply weaved shirts or cloth she had bought from town. She made needles out of bones and used natural things for threads to keep everything together. She liked her rustic and earthy clothing and she only had 2 different pairs of everything except shoes. She only had her one set of boots.

Snap. Char heard a twig snap behind her as she walked through the woods. She spun around and saw nothing. She shrugged it off and went to her little camp site.

Had Char looked a little closer, she would have seen Elias on his way back to his house in the woods. He crouched down and watched her head to her little make shift home in a small hill hollow. He followed her with years of practiced silence and hid in some brush, watching her and waiting for just the right moment to attack. He could wait.

Char sat down with her books and looked them over in the entrance to her home. She picked up the old fairy tales book and started on the Jack and the bean stalk story. A fairy landed next to her and begged with it’s cute little eyes to be read to.

“Oooh alright.” Char sighed. “Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman-”She quietly started reading the book aloud. Her eyes widened as the words she read popped off the page and floated in front of her. She reached her hand up and touched them gently and they disappeared.

Crash! Something was coming through the trees behind Char. The fairy scattered away into the woods and Char was left alone. She came out of her little hollow and looked behind her.

“FE FI FO FUM! I smell the blood of a English woman!” A giant roared above her. Char gasped and dove out of her hollow before the giant stepped on it, crushing her home.

“NO! That’s my house!” She yelled. “How dare you!!!” She pulled out a dagger and ran at the creature she stabbed the knife into its leg and it yelled, backing away from her ruined home. Char screamed as the creature picked her up around the waist and brought it closer to its face to examine. It must have had poor eye sight but that was the last thing Char cared about right now.

“Let me go!” She yelled furiously, trying to wiggle her way out of its grasp. It was crushing her ribs, lungs and insides.

“No. You make snack.” The giant said and it hurt her head from the volume.

“No! Let me go! You big idiot!” She pulled a knife out of her sleeve and jabbed it into his hand. He roared and squeezed harder. Char screamed in pain again as she felt things shift and crack. She was crying now from desperation and pain while she struggled. A small layer of sweat was starting to build up on her forehead.

“Un… hand me… now…”  She struggled to say between ragged breaths. “Go back… into your book.” She added, wincing in pain.

The next thing Char knew she was falling 10 feet back to the ground. She landed with a sickening thud. And then she didn’t move at all.

Elias had been watching this whole thing and hadn’t wanted to reveal himself. When she had ordered the giant back into his book he had disappeared and Char had gone crashing to the ground. Elias jumped up and ran over to the girl, checking her pulse and breathing. She was still alive but barely.

“Crud…” He mumbled, picking the limp and broken girl up. He was supposed to keep her alive until L got there. He started back towards Corbank. He watched the girl pale even more as he went which made him run all the faster. She wasn’t that heavy he decided. He ran past the guards at the gate and they let him go seeing he had an injured woman with him. He didn’t know where to take her. He hurt people not got them help. Elias growled in frustration as he walked towards the nearest house and knocked on the door, careful not to bump Char’s head on the door frame.

A man in his late 50’s opened the door to find the two young people at his door.

“Sir there’s been an accident and she was hurt. Can you help me?” Elias asked sharply.

The older man looked down at Char, eyebrows furrowed for a moment and then his eyes widened. “Yes yes, bring her inside. I can help.”  He lead Elias up into a room with a bed and Elias set Char down gently.

“Wait outside boy.” He said, shooing Elias out of the room. Elias was none to happy about that but he left all the same. He leaned against the wall by the door and looked at the ground. He hoped this old man could help Char or he was toast.

Back inside the room the old man had grabbed a book and was reading quietly from it. Char’s wounds seemed to disappear and her bones seemed to snap back into place as he was reading. In a moment she gasped and sat up, clutching her necklace and shaking.

“Sh child. Lay back and rest for a moment. You were nearly dead there…” the man frowned.

Char groaned and nodded. “What happened?” She mumbled.

“You read something out of a book I believe?” The man replied.

Char shot up again. “What?! How did you know about that?” she asked.

“Because you’re a bookbinder. You can control books. I can as well and I saw it in you when that boy brought you- ” He started.

“What boy?” Char asked sharply. She hadn’t known anything about a boy.

The man chuckled. “A boy brought you in to me. I thought you knew him. He was good looking and he seemed worried.”

Char was confused now. Not only had she not known a boy in ages, let alone any people, she wondered why a ‘good looking’ boy would have found her so quickly and seemed worried. She sighed and sat on the edge of the bed. “May I get up and go sir?” She asked, ignoring the bit about being a bookbinder. She’d heard about them and that was the last thing she wanted to be.

“Yes if you wish. I’ll be seeing you soon though.” He winked and helped her stand up.

“Th-thank you sir…” She mumbled.

“Fredrick. You can call me Fredrick Ms. Char.” He replied.

“Fredrick then. Thank you.” She repeated as he opened the door.

Elias looked up at Char and blinked once in surprise. She had been nearly dead a moment ago.

Char looked at Elias. He was about her height, a little taller and probably around the same age. He had dark brown hair, unlike her light brown mess and his blue eyes sparkled behind some hidden pain. She looked at him, confused.

“You ok?” He asked simply.

Char nodded. “I’m Char… uh thanks for saving me.” She replied quietly.

Elias shrugged a little and then started out the door.

“Wait! What’s your name?” Char asked.

He turned back to look at her for a moment. “Elias.” He replied and then kept walking.

“Why did you save me?” She asked, catching up to him.

“I was walking through the woods and I saw you get hurt.” He replied. She was following him into the woods just like he wanted.

“Oh… uh… could I ask you for a little help? My home was knocked down… could you help me unbury it and salvage what is left?” She asked.

He nodded and kept on walking.

Char was getting more that annoyed with his blunt and quietness. She knew something had to be up with this kid. “Ok then…” She mumbled and then followed him into the woods.

Before she knew it she saw that he had lead her right back to the collapsed hollow. She groaned seeing the damage. Everything she owned had been in there and was probably ruined. She moved her hand to her side where a pouch was hidden in the folds of her shirt and hanging from her belt. Inside were a few pieces of jewelry, a lock of hair in a small case, some random coins and a key. She never let the pouch off her person and she never lost a thing out of it in all the years she’d been alone. They were the only connection she had to her pervious life.

Elias had started to move some of the bigger chunks of dirt off her belongings. He rolled his sleeves up to reveal well toned muscles from fighting and other things. Char blushed deeply when she saw that and came out of her day dream and started to help. She found her bow smashed to pieces right away and groaned. That thing had taken her about 3 weeks to carve and string and dry out properly. She was lost without her bow as it was her main source of getting food for herself. Elias seemed to look at her but when Char turned to see he was moving another bit of dirt again.

“Find anything?” She asked.

“Not really.”  He replied.

Char felt like slapping him almost but then she looked at his arms and figured she’d fail in a fight right about then. She knelt down to the ground and pulled out the copy of Robin Hood that she had bought earlier. She dusted it off and sighed yet again. She looked at Elias working and she looked back at the book.

“Mind if I read aloud to you while you re-move some of the bigger bits?” She asked.

“Not at all.” He replied simply and Char opened the book. She skimmed, looking for a good bit.  She came to a part about a fight and she started to read that bit out of the book. Literally. The words started floating off around her and instead of touching them like last time she ignored them. The next thing she knew the book, was gone and she and Elias were in the middle of the battle she had just read about.

© AJ 2010

Hope you like my clif hanger >8D!



I can see no one liked my paper XD. I didn’t expect anyone to read that thing.

But fun news I HAVE to share…





MYNA AND I ARE OFFICIALLY NOVELISTS!!!! ^.^ AAAAAAAAAHHH! *squee!* We hit 50,000 words yesterday evening on our novel! I’ve never been happier in my life!

Annnnd bed time -.- drat it. Just because I don’t have school doesn’t mean i don’t want to stay up late and- *dragged off.*


Ha ha ha *sarcasm*

Just since you all wanted me to keep up this blog, here is something ‘fun.’ Hope you like my English paper on Marry Sues vrs. Well rounded characters!

Well Rounded or Marry Sue?

In stories and books there are many types of characters, but few know that there are certain types and reasons why certain characters are not liked. It’s more than just the good guy and the villain. The difference is a well rounded character vs. what is known as a Marry Sue character. They share the fact that they are written by authors, are both used in stories and are both types of fictional people. Otherwise, they are completely different.  Both of these types of characters are used in books and stories but one of them tends to be liked more than the other because of their differences. They have a few similarities but are different for the most part.

One of the main differences between the two character types is that Marry Sues are often made to be like the author or like the author wants to be. They also tend to be flawless because of this. Marry Sues end up being overly powerful, invulnerable to being hurt by anything and overly gifted at everything they do. This is normally why people don’t like them. Well rounded characters on the other hand are original characters, made up purely of imagination and ideas. They have reasonable powers, if any, they can be hurt and they usually have to work hard to get where they want in life or in their story. This is what makes them relatable to the readers. Character growth is one of the main keys to a good story.  The main difference here is that well rounded characters experience character growth while Marry Sues do not which is what makes them not well liked.

Well rounded characters seem to be the reader favorites. They have flaws in their personality that sometimes isn’t solved. They can also be hurt emotionally and they have a reasonable back story that explains why they act like they do. Well rounded characters also have a personality that is not cliché. The well rounded character is relatable because they can lose and they have to work hard for their goals. The basics of every story is a person trying to reach a goal with something in their way and they learn or grow along the way. If they are too perfect and don’t have to fight for their goals, then there isn’t much conflict or story. This is the main problem with Marry Sue characters. They are the opposite of these traits because they tend to be flawless in personality and along with that they have vulnerability or are an exception to rules of the universe. Marry Sues never loose or be hurt emotionally. They also tend to have a very confusing or un-relatable back story and they are very cliché and boring personality wise.  They don’t have to fight for what they want and so they’re stories are boring or pointless. The fact that well rounded characters grow and have flaws while Marry Sues do not is another main difference between these character types.

Something that sets Marry Sues and well rounded characters apart is the love factor. Marry Sues are usually made to be a love interest or love distraction in a story because of their perfection. They get people to fall for them easily and use their good looks to get their way. Well rounded characters are usually the complete opposite. They have to work to get a love interest to like them back if at all and they usually aren’t overly pretty or handsome. The fact that Marry Sues are usually made to be side and/or main love interest in the story vs. the well rounded characters usually are not  made to be that way, sets these two character types apart.

One of the interesting things about Marry Sues is that they are a little hard to find in today’s well written and best selling stories. Many authors try to avoid these types of characters because they know the audience will dislike them, unless they want that in which case they will use them. An example of a Marry Sue from a well known story would be the character Rachel Dare from ‘Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian’ by Rick Riordan. She is the daughter of rich people, so she gets her way. She is the cliché red haired, green eyed girl that is pretty and distracts the main character from his love interest. The other problem is that she is an exceptional ‘mortal’ so she is able to get past and see things other ‘mortals’ cannot. She also ended up as the all powerful Oracle of Delphi at the end of the last book. Almost no one liked her as character and all disliked the fact that she liked Percy, the main character. This is an example of the flaws of a Marry Sue character in contemporary literature.

Something that sets well rounded characters apart is that they can be hard to spot as main characters since main characters tend to seem to always win. This is because the key to good stories is that the good guy didn’t win right away and had to work first. Sometimes they never get what they want. Alcatraz Smedry from the best seller, ‘Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians’ by Brandon Sanderson, is a good example of a contemporary well rounded character. Alcatraz was a foster kid so it explains the reason why he has a hard time with life. He has a ‘talent’ for breaking things and ends up being kicked from home to home because of it. When his gift from his real father is stolen he sets off to try to get it back. He has failures of being locked in prison, not getting his powers to work, not understanding very much of what he is doing and he doesn’t get the girl in the end. Alcatraz has the traits of a well rounded character and is a good example of a contemporary well rounded character.

Now, it is plain to see that these two character types are very different. One is type is liked and the other is not liked as much. One is more original and has the proper flaws while the other is based off the author and seems perfect. Even through the differences these two character types have some things in common such as they are both characters, used in stories and written by an author. The main thing is that they are different but one is not necessarily better than the other. When used right they can both contribute to the story in their own unique ways. In conclusion, even through their differences, both of these types of characters are important to books, authors, and readers everywhere.

There lol.


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